Those moments that change your life.

In the last year, my outlook on life has changed dramatically. On the surface of things, you’d look at me and think not much is different, but this little brain of mine has been working frantically and at full speed for a few months now, and I’d like to share with you all the little… Continue reading Those moments that change your life.


Adverts that work hard

I am fascinated by anything and everything to do with advertising. At the very top of my list of advertising interests is understanding the effect that campaigns have on their audience. This is something that I actually studied while at university and it really stuck with me. I sometimes feel as though I'm part of… Continue reading Adverts that work hard

I love words

The English Language is one of my all-time favourite love affairs. Few things in my academic life have gripped my attention like learning about semantics, sentence structures and syntax (and I’ve clearly learnt a thing or two about alliteration too) and when combining this with my interest in all things advertising and marketing, it’s a… Continue reading I love words