How I got here

I’ve decided that it might be nice for me to introduce myself properly and tell you a bit about my life.

My name is Sarah. I was born in London, and spent most of my childhood years in a very nice part of Surrey, just doing normal kid stuff. Nothing outrageous or interesting here. 

It became obvious during my early years that learning about languages was not only my biggest strength, but pretty much my only interest. My mum always like to regale people at parties with the story of how I threw my recorder at the head teacher in junior school because ‘I will never need to know how to play the recorder’ (not wrong) or the time I told my maths teacher that ‘Jenny and Jim should count their own apples instead of making year 4 students do it’ (technically not wrong but I can see why this put me in detention). At least I can say that I’ve always had spirit. Anyway, my point is that when it came to English lessons I was pretty much always the teacher’s pet – which was kind of a big deal for me.

After I’d passed through my school years, English Language was an obvious choice for my A-Levels (again, basically my only skill) and from there, as someone with no idea what to do in life and faced with this decision at the ripe old age of 18, I chose Journalism at university. What a great choice. As much as I loved writing, studying journalism for 3 years taught me that I well and truly did not want to be a journalist. So from there, I fell into Marketing.

So as not to bore you with the detail of the companies I’ve worked at in my professional career, let’s just say it’s been very financial. I know more about washing machine warranties, credit cards and insurance than I would care to divulge, but it’s been great for teaching me how to write campaigns for all different types of audiences – AND in a way that won’t upset the Financial Conduct Authority (hoorah!) I’ve created copy for websites, social media campaigns, email campaigns and even hefty 90-page-long governance documents which I’ve been told are mildly more interesting than they’re designed to be. Most importantly, I’ve enjoyed all of it. Words truly are my calling.

So that’s me and my 29 (nearly 30) years of life in a nutshell. Now let me tell you a few ‘fun facts’ to show off how quirky and interesting I am.

1. I adopted a dog called Solomon when he was 8 and a half and I was 26 and a quarter. He’s enriched my life beyond belief and makes me want to be a good person. Cliché, but also very true.

2. I really dislike ketchup. I don’t see why this is particularly interesting because ketchup is absolutely disgusting, but other people seem to find it amusing.

3. I went on an RV road trip around western Canada last year and I now spend a lot of my spare time trying to work out when I can go back and do the exact same holiday again. If you’ve not been, I implore you to go (especially Banff and Jasper).

4. I love cooking! Mexican food is my speciality, but I’m trying to branch out into other cuisines that don’t involve quite as much cheese and soured cream.

5. I am a feminist – by which I mean that I think all people are and should be considered equal. This is the actual meaning of the word ‘feminist’ so I think most people are probably with me on this one.

6. I don’t drink wine or beer. My parents always told me that my taste buds would change and I’d start guzzling the stuff down when I moved out of my WKD and Bacardi Breezer phase; but here I am – teetering on the brink of 30 and still cannot take pleasure in wine or beer. Gin and rum however, completely different story.

7. I like animals more than people. This isn’t to say I don’t like people; I tend to surround myself with people at every opportunity and have a great friendship circle, but I am much more wary of their intentions than those of, say, a dog. Dogs usually just want pats and I am more than happy to indulge them.


So there you have it. That’s me in 5 paragraphs and 7 bullet points. I hope you enjoyed enough to read through to the end (hi!) and I hope that this has finally set your mind at rest about the person tapping away at the keyboard over here. Here is a photo of Solomon on his birthday – you can see how truly inspiring he is, right?


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