I love words

The English Language is one of my all-time favourite love affairs. Few things in my academic life have gripped my attention like learning about semantics, sentence structures and syntax (and I’ve clearly learnt a thing or two about alliteration too) and when combining this with my interest in all things advertising and marketing, it’s a wise career move for me to land myself into the world of copywriting.

Strangely, finding the right thing to say has never been a gift when I’m speaking out loud. I stumble over sentences and forget my words, but as soon as you give me a pen or a keyboard, I could go on for days about anything and everything. I love the idea of that my words could fill in the gaps where others cannot.

It’s always scary to put yourself out there in a new industry. There’s that fear of failure, coupled with the fear of doing my own taxes, but alongside this (arguably much further ahead, in fact) is the realisation that this is a career that I feel completely and utterly prepared for.

So if you’ve got a great business but find the thought of articulating it to your customers leaves you feel tongue-tied, or you want to optimise the words that you already have, give me a shout. I will throw myself into your world and come out the other side perhaps a little dishevelled, but also brimming with ideas on how to improve your marketing.

But please don’t expect me to try and articulate any of this out loud.


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